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What would happen if communities took higher education into their own hands? What if education meant pursuing our passions and growing at our edges, immersed in a culture of creativity, accountability, integrity and action? What if instead of using degrees to measure our success, we were credited by the direct impact our work has on the world? We could transform our communities and build resilient new systems that will carry us through the next century.


How We Work

Community Supported Everything provides creative change-makers with a high integrity, high accountability environment to launch self-directed projects. Residents take action in the community in the collective pursuit of a world that works for 100% of humanity. With the support of coaches, mentors and peers, residents examine their personal edges, celebrate successes, learn from mistakes and document the process every step of the way.

Systems Thinking
Systems Thinking
We strive to see challenges from new perspectives. We recognize the deep interconnectivity of our world and respond to challenges in ways that address root causes.
We leverage the power of self-directed learning through coaching, goal setting, project management, and self-reflection. Each project is supported by a committee of community mentors.
Knowledge gained and shared has the potential to benefit the whole world. We document and share our learning processes, outcomes and tools. Our work here belongs to the global commons.
We align our actions, words and thoughts to move from our highest potential. We ground ourselves in mutual responsibility and a dedication to repairing our world.
We balance action with reflection. We learn as much from our failures as we learn from our success. We recognize that learning is a process and allow for adaptation to new insights.
We grow at our edges. Whether learning new skills or examining limiting beliefs, we hold ourselves accountable to tackling inner and outer obstacles in order to push beyond our known limits.
Community Resilience
Community Resilience
We aim to build thriving communities by supporting projects that directly strengthen our local capacities and possibilities. We focus on adaptive solutions that match the social, cultural, and environmental context.

Who We Are


We are in our pilot year, and we currently have 5 residents.
They are all working on a different community project of their own design.

  • Henry

    Working on building community through hands on garden workshops, documentary viewings, and wellness nights

  • Joseph

    Working on "Village": an alternative exchange and reputation system backed by community contribution

  • Cameron

    Building a horizontal student union at PSU through autonomous political power grounded in direct action.

  • Lydia

    Füdizine is an independent people’s magazine that helps us navigate food ethics and culture.

  • Mikele

    Creating an interactive visualization tool for easy sharing of complex information.




  • Community Supported Everything

    A virtual eco-system design tool that utilizes real-life designs to prototype regenerative human ecosystems.

  • Community Supported Everything
    Tomorrow Today

    Tomorrow Today is a newspaper written one year in the future, detailing how 2014 became the year everything turned around for Planet Earth.

  • Community Supported Everything
    Freedom Education

    Community facilitated courses that examine the history and future of education, and the role education plays in shaping society.

  • Community Supported Everything
    PSU Student Union
    Cameron Frank

    Building a resilient structure for long term student empowerment and debt-resistance at Portland State grounded in direct action.

  • Community Supported Everything
    Mad Props Workshops
    Henry Polacek

    Creating forums that foster connection between passionate people and help to kindle and interweave our individual dreams, visions, and voices.

  • Community Supported Everything
    Last Thursday Clean-up Party

    The Last Thursday Clean up Dance Party is an experiment in collective community responsibility.

  • Community Supported Everything
    Silent Discos

    Using wireless headphones to create immersive experiences and utilize public space without disturbing the neighbors.

  • Community Supported Everything
    Think Again
    Mikele Schnitman

    An interactive visualization and storytelling tool for rapid information sharing and visual understanding

  • Community Supported Everything
    Community Supported Brewing

    CSB is a model of small-scale, cooperative community homebrewing. Through the craft of brewing beer, we're building community, repurposing waste, and saving money!

  • Community Supported Everything
    World Game I

    A digital interface for decentralized community action. By focusing on shared goals rather than shared beliefs, many different groups can work towards common goals collaboratively.

  • Community Supported Everything
    Lydia Grijalva

    Füdizine is an independent people’s magazine that helps us navigate food ethics and culture

  • Community Supported Everything
    Joseph Drushal

    A game-based community currency backed by open-source contribution and collaborative community action.


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